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Davinder is an experienced and dedicated tutor whose classes are varied with mindful movement and breath meditation which leave you peaceful and calm.
Fantastic treatment with Davinder, I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is professional, kind and caring, I felt wonder after the yoga class, enhanced with meditation. I also received Reiki which was fantastic Thank you Davinder.
I have experienced both distance & in person reiki. Davinder has incredible skill to tune in & pick up areas that need the most focus. She intuitively guides me & I feel wholly relaxed after a session. I have also benefitted from Davinder’s mediations to provide calm during exceptionally busy & stressful times. She always intuitively chooses the most appropriate meditation.
Davinder is a true healer. Her massages are so much better than any I have ever had. Her hands sense the parts of you that need the most attention and the whole experience is deeply healing, relaxing and professional. As a person, Davinder is completely committed to making her clients benefit as much as possible from all her therapies. She always tailors her reiki and meditation as well as her massage to exactly what the individual client needs so you come away feeling nurtured and healed. I have been seeing Davinder for over a decade and, during my most vulnerable periods, her regular massage had got me through. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
“I am so pleased that I attended this course with Davinder. She provided her wealth of experience which enabled me to gain skills and her expertise in practicing Reiki on myself, friends and family. The course has benefited my emotional well-being and provided me with ways of managing stressful situations and focusing on my own self care and relaxation. Truly a gift shared by Davinder. Thank you for providing a safe environment for learning. I’m hoping that I will pursue the Level 2 so I can offer this beautiful gift of healing energy to my clients. Thank you 🙏🏽
Inderjit Bola
"I have just completed my Reiki 1 and 2 with Davinder. Both courses were truly sincere and wonderful. Davinder is an amazing tutor and has incredible knowledge that she is kind enough to share with her students. Her teaching is excellent and everything she has taught me has totally resonated and stayed with me. Definitely highly recommend her courses. "
Belinda Sly