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“If you want to heal yourself and others… Step in to The Path of Reiki

and make that dream a Reality.”

Let Reiki Help You to Become the Best Version of Yourself!

Davinder Kaur

From an early age, I started to feel the pain of others. I would always use my presence to help, even if it was just by asking, ‘are you ok’?

I clearly remember when I got married in 1980 and came to England. We got invited to a dinner at my husband’s very close friends’ . When we arrived, I noticed the wife didn’t look very happy, as if she was in some kind of pain. She apologised for being a bit quiet and then said she had had a really bad headache for a couple of days and it was not shifting at all.

I got her to sit down and offered to give her a head massage. Once I had finished, she told me that I have a magic in my hands; she felt so much heat coming from my hands and felt very relaxed. I didn’t think much of it. However, later on I decided to trained as a massage therapist, so I can offer this service professionally. Every single client said the same thing. It was unbelievable how every client said there was something special and different about my treatment. They all said they thought I have got healing hands.

In 1998 I lost my husband to cancer and I was going through a tough journey. One day I went to a psychic fair and there I was told I have healing power and should take it further. In 2002 I went to India, Ludhaiana in Punjab and became a Reiki Master in 8 days. You must be laughing! I didn’t have a clue about Reiki training then but I knew that wasn’t right!

Then in 2014 I did my Reiki in all 3 levels 1, 2, and master in 2015 with Sharon Porter. Initially after this training, I got too busy with my life and salon and didn’t practised Reiki as much. But in 2017, I sold my salon and found my dream job in London Bridge Cancer Hospital as a senior complementary therapist. Deep down all these years this is what I wanted to do. It is my comfortable space. I have been giving Reiki to a lot of cancer patients and making the difference in their difficult journey of Chemo, radiotherapy and surgery. I feel I am home. In early 2021 I decided to refresh my Reiki training and begin teaching Reiki to other who want to heal themselves and others. I have refreshed my Reiki Master with Gwen Allison, who has been very supportive and is a brilliant teacher.

In Between 2017 and 2020 I trained as Yoga Instructor and Mindfulness Meditation teacher. Yoga philosophy totally changed my mindset and life. Lots of processing and letting go took place with meditation. Now I feel I am ready for my next journey of sharing my experience and knowledge.



Aromatherapy for Cancer
Reflexology for Cancer
No Hands Massage – Advance Diploma
Hydrothermal Massage- Advance level
Oncology Massage Diploma
Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner
Ayurvedic Practitioner
Reiki Master and Teacher
Yoga – Classic & Yin yoga instructor